Benefits of Greenhouse Agriculture

The choice of produce in a greenhouse has resulted in a number of advantages to farmers that we detailed them below:

Off-season crops

The production closed with the ability to control the weather (temperature and humidity) inside allows the cultivation of demanding species, as far as weather is concerned, in times whose climate is detrimental to the development of the plantation.

Allow to establish the most suitable climatic conditions for each crop and stage

The power to regulate climate conditions, enables us to keep plants in an optimal environment temperature and relative humidity that favors the reduction of the production period in relation to which it would outdoors, getting early crops and the possible expansion of ensuring production campaigns in a year.

Biggest productions and better quality

To prevent the crops are under stress due to extreme temperatures and harmful humidities improving production, as the plant does not waste energy from its metabolism to trigger physiological protections for protecting itself using this energy in growth and production, helping to improve the quantity and quality of the crop.

Greater control of pests, weeds and diseases.

The fact of growing in a closed environment with favorable climatic conditions for growing can assume a priori the further development of pests and diseases that growing outdoors, but the great advantage you have is that the effect of pesticides is higher, since there is no losses derived from applications, allowing the use of lower doses of plant protection products in applications.

Greater protection and / or control against extreme weather conditions

By growing inside a cover the effects of extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow or hail, and sequences of strong wind gusts not affect crops, since the structure and covers emissions are supporting the poor conditions, protecting plantations inside.

More efficient use of productive resources

By including techniques such as fertigation and hydroponics it is possible to reduce the consumption of water and fertilizers as crops only spend what they need for their development, minimizing production costs.

It allows for greater safety and comfort performing crop tasks.

The greenhouse structure also provides protection to perform the tasks required cultivation because therein can be met programming activities without climate time be an obstacle.